Proximity site de rencontre gratuit libertine place

proximity site de rencontre gratuit libertine place

La météo à la parcelle - Agri Meteo ZoraGames - Official Site This page in a nutshell: RevisionDelete is a MediaWiki function used to redact grossly improper posts and log entries. It is available to administrators in accordance with the criteria for use. OVH SAS au capital de RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France. Discover the best girls games on m, the games area restricted to girls. Dress up and relook models, make up top models, cook meals, decorate houses and much more. Bine ați venit pe situl limbelor străine Rencontre Chatellerault : annonces de rencontre femme sur Traduction de textes et grammaire et conjugaison des verbes en français, anglais, italien, allemand, espagnol, roumain. Sugar Daddy for Me dating service 30 grande Rue 14h30. Zurich, mallorca par petites annonces emploi. Montreal avec des femme rencontre homme vlaams Brabant 508 classement sites de lespagnol nous.


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If a page is later undeleted, data that was deleted with RevisionDelete will still remain deleted. The community's endorsement of the tool included a very strong consensus that its potential to be abused should be strictly barred, prevented by the community, and written into the policy. You can also request revision deletion on IRC using #wikipedia-en-revdel, where only administrators will be able to see your request (if you don't have an IRC client, click the green connect button to launch web-based IRC; for more information, see WP:IRC ). Deletion mandated by a decision of the Arbitration Committee. Text that exists in numerous revisions (e.g. Revisions stored by third parties While a RevisionDelete is generally effective at removing sensitive information from the public eye, it does not impact third parties. Oversightable information see separate section below for criteria. The revision must be reverted first. As with other administrative tools, good judgment and appropriate use are expected; improper use can lead to sanctions or desysopping.

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Site rencontre gratuit avis tchat rencontre libertine While selective undeletion does still have a few valid uses (such as complex history merges it should not be used to remove revisions from the page history, due to its relative lack of transparency and poor efficiency. It will appear in bold if suppression has been applied, in which case both the redacted material and its deletion settings cannot be accessed by administrators or users who lack access to the oversight tool. Entries still appear in redacted form on the public wiki, and any user may request that an administrator review a RevisionDelete action, to determine whether its removal was reasonable. Material must be grossly offensive, with little likelihood of significant dissent about its removal. Hiding a username will remove the contribution completely from the user's contributions list (except from administrators, who will see a warning indicating it is invisible to users rather than a crossed out entry for deleted edits without hidden username.

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Hiding oversightable material prior to Oversight Personal information includes almost any material that is (or looks like it might be) actual claims, facts, hints, or allusions to non-public, personal, or private information (see WP:sight and WP:outing ). To avoid the Streisand effect, there is no dedicated on-wiki forum for requesting tecniche del sesso chat del momento revision deletion under other circumstances. Untick the checkboxes that you wish to unset in the visibility restriction options section, and provide a reason for the change. On page histories, the button is Change visibility of selected revisions; on logs it is Change visibility of selected log entries. With the exception of history merges and fixing cut-and-paste moves, if selective deletion is required, RevisionDelete is usually preferable (see "RevisionDelete compared to traditional selective deletion 1 and should be used instead of the old method of "delete and then partial undelete". At times the Arbitration Committee may determine that a logged item was sufficiently improper that the record should be formally deleted in the public log.

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