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1) "Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer" award document for being a WW I vetran. Soldbuch WH (Luftwaffe) Flak-Rosenbauer Soldbuch that belonged to Wachtmeister Friedrich Rosenbauer who served with Res. Comes with a small picture of Völker dressed in a "Stürmgeschutz" wrapper. poster was intended to draft volunteers for the newly founded "Standarte Westland" which later in the war became part of the famous 5th. Great sport award grouping! 2) BWB award document which has been issued at the "and" on and signed by the unit commander. 5) EK I award document which has been signed by "Generalleutnant" and commander of the ul Seyffard (DKiG,RK ) 6) SWB award document which has been issued at "Reserve Lazarett Wittenberge. 1) EK II award document which is dated and has been signed by "Generalmajor" and commander of the nst von Leyser (RK ). Div.-Böse Wehrpass/grouping concerning Helmut Böse who served with Inf. Merkblatt für die Abwehr von Spionage, Sabotage und Verrat in den Niederlanden - WBN - 1942. In 1943 he was transferred to Germany in order to defend his home-country and shot 25 times on enemy-planes. Great grouping with nice history! Waffen SS "Schütze" studio photo. 6) Drivers-licence dated 3-3-1941; 7) Red cross.D.-document in white linen; 8) Red Cross brassard; 9) Photoalbum from the early-period as Oswald served within Inf. Köngeter Modified award document for the "Spange zum Eiserne Kreuz II Klasse" of Gefreiten Rudolf Köngeter who served with Art. Later he served within Werftabteilung(v)1041 XII.

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Div.(Luftlande Division) who participated in the invasion of Holland and fightings on the Crimea Peninsula. A comparatif site rencontre pplace libertine sad but interesting small grouping! With this unit Lorschneider participated in the "Afrika Feldzug" (desert war) and was awarded the "Deutsch-Italiënische Medaille für den Nordafrikanischen Feldzug". Award set WH (Heer).

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Rasch was transferred to Bau-Btl.91 and served under heavy circumstances. A nice set from an interesting unit! Wehrpass WH (Heer) - ijäger Div.- Schüpfner Wehrpass of "Ünteroffizier" Josef Schüpfner who served within several different units. He was also trained in several different horserelated skills. 1) EK II award document dated and signed by "Generalleutnant" and commander of the iedrich Hossbach ( RK ) EL ) 2) pute la chaud de fond reims "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen" in silver dated and signed by "Major" and regimental commander Ernst König (RK EL ). Soldbuch /award document grouping WH (Heer).Div.- Stelzel Soldbuch /award document grouping of "Gefreiten" Friedrich Stelzel who served with Gren. 2) SWB dated and issued during his stay in lenstein. Lange would serve later within. Hammerl Attractive 3 pieced set of Armin Hammerl who served as an Unteroffizier in the Art. Pictures of French loot panzer - Somua - Hotchkiss. 4) EK I award document that has been dated and which has also been signed by Generalmajor" and divisional commander Graf von Oriola. Seifert Wehrpass/Gesundheitsbuch of "Hauptfeldwebel" Seifert who served within several different units. There were only 2 LL (Luftlande divisions) Schöps served as a "Funker" with.A.22 (signals) The. Period booklet - "Duitsche Zeemacht" (German navy) Period Dutch booklet concerning the German Navy. The document has been issued "An Bord" (aboard) on 8-5-1945. 2) "Wehrmacht-führerschein" (driver, s license) issued. Also signed by Decker! Zanko was trained with Belgium, Norwegian and French weaponry! Woll was taken POW in 1918 and brought to the.K.

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